Get personalized feedback and guidance on your unique situation

Clarify your professional goals

Determine your next steps

Schedule a free consultation



Get personalized feedback and guidance on your unique situation

Clarify your professional goals

Determine your next steps

Schedule a free consultation


Get PERSONALIZED help figuring out your options.

consult about your options at work.

We get checkups for our health, our cars, and our appliances, why not also for our career?

A "Career" is more than just work, it is the way you blend your strengths, passions, values, and interests into your days and years. It's how you balance all the things that are important in your life. Ideally, your work will be personally satisfying, pay you a decent wage, engage you, and provide time flexibility for your life outside of the job. As a result of a Career Wellness Checkup, you will clarify professional goals and confirm or discover the next steps to take.

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Take an objective assessment and confirm or discover your natural abilities, your strengths, what roles and environments you are most suited for.



Talk through your options with a professional and learn more. Get objective feedback on what contexts you will thrive in, understand what makes you "tick," and how to leverage your strengths.

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Walk away with a sense of clarity and more confidence about your next steps. Think about your possible paths and decide which one(s) make the most sense for you at this time, and plan for the future. 

How does a Career COUNSELING Checkup work?

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After you complete the Career Checkup, you’ll have 30+ pages of results that detail what makes you tick and the environment, the style, and the outlets you most shine in. You'll understand how to channel your skills and confirm or discover:

  • How you communicate best
  • Which of your abilities you need to pay attention to in order to feel your best
  • What types of activities you should avoid at work
  • Which job roles you are best suited for
  • Leadership approaches that complement your natural abilities
  • How you learn best

Curious about the report? See different versions here.

All services are available in the DC area or virtually.

Do I REally need career COUNSELING / help?

Most people think they can muscle through and figure things out on their own. And most of us are so busy navigating the rhythms of daily life and making a living that we lose sight of how to live. You can gain balance in your life by connecting with an experienced career counselor who will help you identify and examine professional options that will facilitate you reaching short and long term goals. There are many factors that go into career satisfaction, including understanding industries, employment trends, and how *you,* with your unique set of skills, values, interests, and abilities will find a satisfying work "fit;" that is why it is important for an experienced professional to assist you in clarifying your goals and plans.

What are the benefits of career coUNSELING AND CAREER COACHING?

1) Customized advice, tailored to you, your strengths, goals, and values.

2) Dedicated time thoughtfully moving towards the life you are designing.

3) Safe place to gain clarity, focus, and determine your direction. 

4) Increased confidence in communicating your strengths.