Trade Association

“The Career Wellness Coaching helped me think about my work in another way, allowing me to see some blind spots I had and develop more effective ways of communicating and interacting with my job and life."

“The career checkup was very helpful. It helped me realize that I have options and now I have a better idea of how to pursue them. It was very eye-opening, I had no idea how my natural abilities fit in with my level of work satisfaction. Thank you!”


Federal government

"I was recently referred to Career Definition and had my first session with Jennifer this past month. I was feeling a bit lost in terms of my next steps in my career and found my session to be extremely helpful! I found myself beginning to make connections that I hadn't previously thought of/seen myself, and felt like the session helped me to not only focus in on my particular strengths and skills, but also how to take those things into account when considering my next career move. Jennifer was attentive to my concerns and listened without making me feel judged or any pressure to make any immediate decisions. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future! No matter what stage you are in career-wise, talking to a professional career counsel has helped me to focus on what I'm passionate about, and block out any noise in the form of well intended, but sometimes less that helpful advice, from friends and family."





"I wasn't sure what to expect when I took the Highlands Ability Battery. Honestly, I was intimidated to take it because I was scared what a test would have to tell me about myself that I did not know already, but I was wrong. I'm glad I took it as it helped me pinpoint what was missing in my current job and helped give me the courage to add some important, life giving elements to my life. Working with Jennifer was more than great - she is encouraging, kind, and extremely knowledgeable."  


Small business owner

"After working on my own for so long, it was hard to come up with what rusty skills I’ve forgotten, what I truly enjoy doing, and how I interact with other people in a workplace setting.  At Jennifer’s suggestion, I took the Highlands Ability Battery for a career checkup.  The test exercises were interesting and I preferred it over the Myers-Briggs, because there was no way to second guess my answers or overthink the test.  It was simple to try my best to complete the timed tasks on my computer.  During the test, it was hard to imagine what the assessments would show since they were so unusual (classifying pictures, word games, etc.).  In my debrief with Jennifer, it was amazing to see how the results correlated with my likes, dislikes, strengths and abilities.  Some of the descriptions were aspects I had already figured out about myself. However, most descriptions in my report were things I immediately recognized as true, but had never named or overtly thought about before.  Jennifer added to the insights from the Highlands, helping me move forward with setting priorities for what I want in a career." 


Engineering Student

“I just wanted to let you know that I got into the Engineering School, and I am doing Industrial and Systems Engineering! Going through the session with you definitely helped me reassure that I wanted to do engineering, and that it was a good fit. Thank you so much for your help!”

"When I took the Highlands I was at a very difficult point in my career life. Unlike other tests that ask you questions that could always be answered with sometimes I do "A" and other times I do "B", the Highlands makes you resolve tasks and times you to filter your innate abilities, which gives you a different level of comfort in the results. Working with Jennifer also helped me realize what my priorities and strengths are, and gave me peace of mind as I pursued avenues that would be the best fit and life balance for me at this stage in my career. The leadership report offered was very helpful as I am moving into a higher profile, managerial position. Jennifer was a loyal and caring companion at this stage of my journey." 


Nonprofit program director